Keeping healthy by delaying gratification 

This might be just me, but I have a feeling it may help and apply to others. 

Almost every day I get stuck into my day and within a few hours I start getting hungry and start craving ANY food!! Especially deliciously sweet food! The only problem is every time I give in and eat myself silly with something sweet, I feel bad for the decision I’ve made and physically feel gross. 

One strategy I have put in place to help me make better decisions is to make a rule to eat a meal first and allow myself to eat whatever sweet food I’m craving after my meal. I do this because I know if I eat a meal or a healthy snack I take away my hunger and I no longer crave sugar as much.

Plus I think it’s a good habit to develop, delaying gratification and not just having everything you want when you want it.

Hope this helps.

Dan Hodge


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