An amazing meal

Tonight I must admit we were tired and tempted to just order take out. I thought though, why don’t I just through something simple together. Here it is.

Cous Cous Salad

1cup of cous cous – follow cooking directions on the box

The cous cous was thrown together with the following ingredients.

1x Sweet potato – baked in the oven until brown with coconut oil

100 grams of halloumi fried with coconut oil

handful of Spinach, Red Capsicum, 1/2 a cucumber and feta cheese grated over the top.

This was my dinner tonight and it was delicious. I would’ve loved to add some chicken and some slivered almonds. As I said though, it was just thrown together.

We can choose to feel good and to eat healthy foods. That decision is ours. It doesn’t have to be fancy or boring. It can be just thrown together.


Dan Hodge.




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