Healthy Basics

Our bodies are amazing and are capable of so much! We can treat our bodies like rubbish or put them through hell and it’s incredible how resilient they can be.

What our bodies deserve though, is to treated with respect and to be cared for. When it comes to looking after your body there are many different things we can delve into. For today let’s just discuss what we can do for optimal physical function.

Like a car, a lot of looking after ourselves is common sense. We need to be fueled regularly with high quality fuel. Just like our cars, if we put rubbish fuel in we become less efficient and only cause ourselves more problems in the long run. 

We need our rest, which includes adequate sleep, mental space and physical rest. Without enough rest it’s very easy to burnout.

Lastly, we need to be active. We were created for greatness, not to sit in the couch all day. Our bodies are amazing machines and not putting them through their paces is like only ever driving a Ferrari 40km’s per hour. 

The cornerstone of good health comes back to these three things; nutrition, rest and exercise. 

Dan Hodge


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