The Deadlift – King of Exercises

The deadlift is such an amazing exercise, but certainly not the easiest. With good technique this exercise would benefit almost everyone (understandably injuries/disabilities may rule some out). The exercise really works your posterior chain, in other words the glutes, hamstrings, and your back muscles. It’s also an amazing exercise to build your core strength through a relative and functional movement. With so many muscles being used through this movement and the fact that it is relative and functional makes it such an amazing bang for buck exercise.

The deadlift done wrong can certainly cause you issues with your lower back so please do be careful. It is worth approaching a coach or trainer to help guide you to perform the exercise properly. If you don’t have access to a trainer, there are also many resources online that can help you. I have included below some video’s I have found to be helpful with the deadlift.

Remember, start light and build up, technique should always come first.

Dan Hodge


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