50% off chocolate!!! What?!!

Every time I go shopping there is always something on sale that is too good to resist, especially chocolate! 

Why though does it trigger a ‘I must have!!’ feeling inside of us? We know things go on sale all the time and in reality it is almost never too good to pass up. The problem isn’t saving money when we buy things on special, the problem becomes we are consumed by constantly having things we don’t need.

How to stop this? My thought is to start by doing the following.

  • Practice of Gratitude – this allows us to believe what we have is enough
  • Meditation – this has many benefits, one being less reactive
  • Stay the hell away from the shops – haha understandably this can be hard to do, but if we can just stop looking for things and tempting ourselves, we can avoid having to think about it in the first place

Save money, don’t buy it. It won’t make you happy.

Dan Hodge


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