Getting in the flow

There are times when we are inspired, alert and everything seems to flow. These can be priceless opportunities to get the important things done. In these moments it is priceless to capture the moment and really go for it. Whatever it is that is important to you personally or professionally, use these moments to really achieve rapid and effective results.

There are other times when we don’t feel the flow, we don’t even know where to start and that’s okay. I still believe though in these times it’s about sucking it up and just getting moving. Once we start the process, things often start to fall into place as we ‘warm up’. Getting things done regardless of how we feel is a great discipline to have and one certainly worth practicing.

It’s important to be consistent in whatever we do and to push through when we don’t feel like it, but to also really capitalise on those moments when we are at our best.

Dan Hodge


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