Day 14 – Mind Shift

Well well well… The last full day in France before I fly home and I must say I am super excited to get home and see my girls! It’s funny though how the mind wonders, and with the end drawing near there is a shift to start thinking about work, life and the daily routines.

It’s been an amazing day though soaking up all Saint-Emillion has to offer! I’ve had croissants and coffee, discovered underground winery caves, toured a boutique Chateau and explored  on foot every square inch of the town.

Now however, I’m starting to think about my dreams and passions and how I can pursue them on a bigger scale when I return home. I believe so strongly we all have gifts, passions and dreams and I feel it’s a life wasted if we are not pursuing them. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of security and comfort, that many of us never step out and boldly pursue our dreams.

As I drink a nice bottle of Bordeaux, I’ve got plenty to think about.

Dan Hodge


One Reply to “Day 14 – Mind Shift”

  1. Well done …hope the lessons and gifts you recieved there never leave you ….i bet youre missing all ya girls back home 😊

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