Day 9 – Camino – The friends we made

Day 9 overseas and the 6th and last day of the Camino! As much as I’ve enjoyed it, it has been no easy feat. I’m so lucky to have experienced what I have but I’m glad it’s over in some respects. I don’t think my body could handle another day, to be honest.

Looking back though over the past 6 days, I have made many friends and had so many friendly exchanges. For me this is one of the most beautiful parts of doing the Camino, meeting others from all across the world. I look back and there were the French Cyclists, the Italians, the Spainiards, the Aussies, the German and it goes on. Each day new relationships were built and it was a great experience parting ways and then involuntarily catching up again further down the track. 

Life is beyond what we do, and more about the lives we come into contact with! I have been fascinated by building relationships with people who don’t even speak English. As people, our level of connection supersedes the language we speak and that just blows my mind.

Who are we, without each other? 

Dan Hodge


2 Replies to “Day 9 – Camino – The friends we made”

  1. Incredible!
    The Camino trail is very much on my bucket list!!
    Sounds like a truly communal and spiritual experience – thanks for sharing!

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