Day 8 – Camino – Sacrifice 

Another day done and I’m almost finished the Camino. I started in Leon and have now ridden to Finisterre, hopefully finishing tomorrow back in Santiago de Compostella. 

The trip has been exciting, challenging and exhausting. There is a constant routine from sun up to sun down which rarely changes. The routine helps because you know what to do and expect, but it also becomes consuming and exhausting. You can see why people settle for less kms each day to have more time to kick back and enjoy themselves. 

Along today’s ride I thought a lot about sacrifice, and putting aside our own desires and wants. I tend to know what I want and will do everything I can to get it. I think I need to start taking a step back and allow room for input from others, even if I don’t like it. I think that when you do make those sacrifices you end up winning anyway, and when we do pursue what we want selfishly we end up losing, even though we took the path we wanted. 

Some more thoughts from along the Camino.


Dan Hodge


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