Day 6 – Camino – Rainy days and gratitude

I woke up to the sound of rain, I’m guessing around 5am this morning. My first thought is oh no, I don’t want to ride in the rain all day. Well guess what, I did.

It’s funny though, it didn’t take long to accept it and start to appreciate it. It wasn’t hot and I wasn’t climbing some big ass mountain, I was just riding in the rain. I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with gratitude during the day, and I got some spectacular footage of some amazing scenery, which excites me to show others. 

I’m sure though many of the other walkers and riders saw today differently. It would be so easy to get upset because their shoes are all wet, their clothes are drenched etc, etc… We can all choose to see things in a positive manner, or to see the beauty in the storm. 

Another day down with more spectacular experiences taken in. 

Dan Hodge


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