Day 5 – Camino – A day of overcoming

We backed up today with another 100km ride. I’m not feeling too bad now, but what has made the past two days so hard has been riding up two massive mountains. 

Today was actually insane and I had to spend over an hour of the ride uphill telling myself I can do it and I’m strong enough. There were certainly a few prayers for strength and I just had to keep my head strong to overcome the urge to stop and give up. I kept telling myself if I can do this, I can do anything! Once I got to the top it was amazing. I can’t describe the feeling of accomplishment I felt. 

Riding along the Camino the past two days has really helped give me and show me the grit I have. As tough as it is in the moment, it is such an amazing experience pushing yourself to the absolute limit. 
Even after the massive mountain we rode on another 40kms thinking and hoping it would be all downhill from there. Unfortunately not though, and we had to slog out another 40kms of ups and downs to reach our destination for the night in Sarria.

Another day done along such an amazing journey! 

Dan Hodge


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