Don’t underestimate micronutrients

For years all I cared about was my macro’s, how much protein, carbs and fats I was getting in. It took me 12months of this type of eating before I got glandular fever with chronic fatigue. This certainly isn’t everybody’s story but it just goes to show if you aren’t looking after yourself wholistically and getting in your micronutrients the body will break down.

When it comes to your food, stick to as much raw whole foods as you can. We need to eat more vegetables as it’s becoming easier and easier to go without. Be creative and learn new ways to be able to cook and use your veggies, they can be soo good with just a little touch up. 

At the end of the day the micronutrients really help our body function to best of its ability. The less processed foods we eat and the more balance of real, nutritious food we can eat, the better. 

Dan Hodge


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