Training through injuries

Training through injuries is never fun and just getting an injury can be quite depressing . Naturally every injury is different and limits us in different ways, but we often need to learn to train around and through them if we are wanting to maintain our health and fitness results.

The obvious first step for anything serious is to see someone like a Physiotherapist to assess the injury. Then it is working with them and the program they set towards rehabilitation. It is very rare people stick out these programs, especially after the pain has subsided, which often results in the injury sticking around and never really healing.

For those niggling little aches and pains that almost every one gets, someone like a physiotherapist can write up a small program to really help with your prehabilitation and prevent any serious injuries occurring. Otherwise, if you are going to self medicate for those little aches and pains, a good place to start is to do the following.

  • warmup before you do any exercise
  • include stretching post exercise
  • make stretching a daily practice – either static or dynamic in something like yoga
  • deep tissue massage
  • using a foam roller
  • ice bath
  • either avoid training the area or use lighter weights

Injuries are certainly a case by case scenario but the above ideas will certainly help everyone reduce injuries occurring and help most people recover from injuries. Sometimes the body just needs some good ‘ol rest so keep that in mind and listen to your body.

Dan Hodge


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