How not to make your life count 

I want to talk about all the things that take away from making the most of our lives and making our life count!

If you dont want to make an impact and follow your dreams you should do the following.

  • Watch as much tv as possible
  • Spend your day on social media
  • Eat plenty of processed high sugar and fatty foods
  • Drink lots and lots of alcohol
  • Use any opportunity talking to people to tell them everything about yourself
  • Constantly complain and worry about everything that has and will go wrong
  • Spend every cent you earn, and then borrow more to make sure you have everything you want now
  • When things get hard, jump ship and find something easier to do

I’m sure there are plenty more, but if you manage to follow all of these steps consistently, you should set yourself up for an ordinary life.

Dan Hodge


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