Understanding why we do things

I want to discuss ‘why’ we do things on tonights blog. I find action so easy to do, but focused, purposeful action with a ‘why’ behind… now that is what I find hard. The art of understanding, I believe, takes time in continually looking inwards. When we look inwards, I believe we become intentional and it helps us put aside all of the distractions around us. This is easier said than done and in a world that rewards busyness, regardless of productivity and results, it’s not something that often comes naturally.

If we can only take the time. Looking in may feel scary, it may feel like too much, but the cost is worth it. I believe that our journey to achieving what we desire is directly linked to how well we know ourselves and becoming the best person we can. To do this we must turn in, we must face our demons, so to speak, and really conquer being a good human.

For me, I like to challenge myself in whatever it is I’m doing (and I am talking bigger decisions regarding work, life, relationships, parenting) to know why it is I’m doing it and what i’m wanting to achieve. Without that why it becomes to easy to quit when hardship comes my way. But when I’m concrete in why I am doing something, it doesn’t matter how hard things get, I know I have to push through and it gives me that hope to hold on to.

Dan Hodge


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