Look who’s talking

I feel as though we all have a few voices going on inside our head. There is the genuine and everyday side to us that talks when we have good rest and things are going well in life. Once we lose a little sleep and stress out a little that little voice inside starts to change and sound a little different. The question is, how much do we listen to that voice and give that voice credit? For me, when I am tired and start doubting what I am doing and start a mental downward spiral, I have learnt to identify that it’s not ‘genuine me’ talking.  From there I put aside any thinking or planning tasks and rather just put one foot in front of the other and get things done. In that state of mind I also never make decisions or dwell on things, as I know it’s not productive thinking.

Making the switch, is the next step after identifying a negative state of mind. I believe we can all get through a negative state of mind and it becomes an individual journey towards finding what works for you. For me I know if I get my body moving my mind will follow and start kicking into gear. This may look like going for a brisk walk or run, or doing some pushups or squats. Other things I do to help avoid getting into a rut in the first place is having cold showers, a cup of tea and getting a good nights sleep. I find the more predictable my routine is the more predictable my energy levels and state of mind is.

I encourage you to get yourself a little morning and evening routine and start taking note of your energy levels and state of mind. Living a consistently positive and joyful life is ours to have, if we can only go out and get it!

Dan Hodge


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