Why blog? Why everyday?

I chose to start blogging everyday last year which didn’t work out too well and proved harder than I first thought. I think I averaged once a week, which I guess wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I set out to do. Blogging then became a burden and was just something I would do when I got around to it or was super inspired.

As this year came round I really had a desire within to be disciplined around it and write a blog everyday. Even if it was just a one liner to keep that habit going. What has really helped me in blogging daily this year has been knowing why I want to do it and to be motivated by those deeper reasons. Below pretty much sums up why I started blogging, which I’ll admit has slightly changed now.

  1. I want to develop good writing and language skills – I know writing everyday will help me develop that.
  2. I want to think bigger, deeper, different and help others do the same – I have so many amazing conversations with people that gets my mind ticking and tocking and my blog has become an expression of those inner thoughts and ideas.
  3. I want to know that regardless of what has happened in my day, I have achieved something – I believe success is a really good motivator and for me to know every day I have been successful in writing my daily blog, it ultimately helps me push on.

This has been my journey and will continue to be but it’s not for everyone. Everyone has their own journey and has their own desires. Maybe you are pursuing them, maybe you’re excusing them. I just want to encourage you to pursue those deep inner desires and fulfil your potential.

Dan Hodge


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