Value in the trudge

I feel as though we spend our whole lives waiting for the next thing to happen. It almost doesn’t matter what we achieve, we are always looking for more and never appreciate where we are at and the journey we are on.

There is a trudge though, our journey towards our successes. During this trudge we almost always just want it to be over and just want to reach our goal, without ever really appreciating it is in the current times of the trudge that will ultimately define who we become. Everything in society is supporting the opposing values though. If you don’t have money for something, it’s alright, use a credit card. If you don’t want to cook dinner, no worries, just order a pizza. We have been taught to expect things without sacrifice and without appreciating the value in the trudge.

If I can offer any advice, it would be to appreciate and be super grateful for where you are currently at. Heeding that advice I believe it will only help us achieve our goals quicker and develop better character to hold on to our achievements in the long run.

Dan Hodge




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