Be Kind…. To yourself

I write this because my amazing sister sends me a message every week or so which ultimately carries the same message… That is ‘be kind to yourself and love yourself’. I love getting these messages because it helps me pause and turn in and ask the question, am I being kind to myself? This could be looked at in so many different ways. For me I often find it comes back to, am I being too hard on myself and am I giving myself time to breathe, relax, enjoy life & laugh.

Without love, what do we have? If we don’t love ourselves, who are we and how can we truly love others? I really believe we need to love ourselves and love who we are regardless of what we’ve done. I see so many issues in this world as a result of people lacking love and as a result they deny themselves love. I am by no means qualified to help people through finding the self-love they need. But what I can do is encourage you to find help or to look deep inside and find the love for yourself.

Be kind to yourself, love yourself.

Please do yourself a favour and follow my beautiful sister Bree Hodge

Dan Hodge




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