Where the comfort zone ends!

I believe the magic happens when we are most uncomfortable. We must develop a habit on living on the edge and jumping out of our comfort zone on a regular basis.

This should become a daily practice, doing things that make ourselves uncomfortable. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve striked up conversation with random people that has become such a blessing. Because of this I always make an effort to talk to random people during my day and have wonderful conversations with people at all different walks in life. Different things will make different people uncomfortable and it is finding those things for yourself and choosing to put yourself in ‘uncomforts’ way.

The constant exposure to those things that make us uncomfortable soon allow us to gain confidence in these areas and give us an opportunity to grow. It’s no different to training in the gym and working with the principle of progressive overload. You lift your weights, your muscle repairs and you progressively increase your weight and/or reps. With this repetitively applied the muscles increase in strength and size, same rule applies here. You may be uncomfortable speaking infront of groups of people, so start small and build from there. If this method of constant exposure to those things we are uncomfortable with is adhered to, we will find ourselves growing to the top of our field.

By nature we are creatures of habit and we love to be safe and comfortable. This I believe separates those that fall in the pack and those that lead the pack. If you really want to be a leader in life and want to follow your dreams, you need to have constant exposure to jumping out of your comfort zone!

Dan Hodge


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