What does your self talk look like?

What does your self talk look like?

This question posed will meet different people at different walks in life. The question is more or less a challenge to see where you currently are at in this moment.

I believe we all have a switch, something that is able to help snap us back. Regardless of our current circumstances there is something that can help us move forward and take positive steps towards the life we want to live.

Obviously we would all love to be positive people 100% of the time. We would all love to never struggle with self-doubt, regret, negativity and depression. The fact as, we are all human and we all feel these things and may struggle with them at some point in our lives. Often though, these feelings and attitudes can sneak in initially without us taking much notice. If we can identify this early, than we can make efforts to change our mindset and take control of our self talk early. To tackle these feelings early can be such a  game changer as opposed to dwelling in these feelings.

So, the challenge simply is to see where you are currently at and to help you to choose to have positive self talk, regardless of what is going on.

Dan Hodge


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