New Month – New Goals – New Heights

With the start of a new month, it can be an exciting time to start something new. The challenge I constantly have is keeping it simple and just trying to achieve 1 or 2 things for the month.

So for the month of April, what I will be committing to is the following.

The 200 Plan – 100 Pushups and 100 Bent Over Barbell Rows @75% BW

I will be doing this every day for the month, but also intend on doing this for 100 days straight. The plan is also to increase the weight of the Barbell rows to 100% Body weight, I’m also hoping to set up a chin up bar to replace the rows with Chin ups.

No Sugar

During April I will be cutting out all foods with added sugar . I will continue eating fruit and drinking wine which I am always asked about. With the wine in mind though, I am cutting it back as much as I can this month. I’m just not putting an expectation on cutting out completely. This fast is coming from the motivation to continue to move towards a raw and natural food diet.

Kids Morning Routine

I posted yesterday the Kids Morning Routine I will be doing every morning with my girls. To get that started with them properly I will commit to doing it every morning through April to build a good foundation and develop the habit for them. I’m really excited to see the results of this over time!!

So with all that being said there will be plenty of other things I will be working on this month without the pressure of having to do it everyday. See below a list of some of these things.

  • Reading daily
  • Learning more around health and fitness
  • Sticking to my evening routine
  • Morning Meditation
  • Drink less alcohol, drink more water
  • Cycling more often
  • 13 hour fast from last meal of the day

Well, I must say I am super excited for another great month! I look forward to seeing as many other people starting new habits and reaching new heights!

Dan Hodge




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