Morning Routines for Kids

So tomorrow I will start implementing morning routines for my 2 little girls (2 and 5yrs). The reasoning behind this is to develop these routines and practices from a young age. As they grow I’m really wanting to help ground them and build a foundation for them. What I am wanting to build in them is self-confidence, inner peace, gratitude, discipline and a healthy lifestyle. I’m sure I will have my challenges and no doubt this process will be refined over time. But this is how it will begin.

Meditation/Breathing (40 – 120sec)
– Sit down take 10-30 deep breathes
Gratitude (30 – 60sec)
– say 3 things we are thankful for
Affirmations (20 – 30sec)
– I am beautiful
– I am clever
– I solve difficult problems
– I am loved and I love others
Exercise (2 – 3mins)
– 10 Squats
– 10 star jumps
– 1 x obstacle run
Yoga/Stretching (30sec)
– Downward Dog
– Childs Pose
Total time approx 5-7mins 
I’lll keep you posted as to how this goes.
P.S. If anyone else does something similar with their kids I would love to hear!
Dan Hodge

3 Replies to “Morning Routines for Kids”

    1. Mindee absolutely loved it! We were finished in just a few minutes and she wanted to keep going with more exercises and yoga lol

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