The Dream State – following your heart!

When you are in pursuit of your dreams, not every decision makes sense. I believe there are scary times and decisions that we face that we don’t see the sense in or it may not seem like the logical decision. But in your pursuit of your dreams you must follow the doors that open, you must risk losing and you must listen to your heart.

So often I feel my heart is leading me in a direction and when I have chosen to listen to the logic in my head I always end up disappointed. Yes, it may be the safe bet and that is what I believe our brains do. They keep us safe, they mitigate risk and we need that. But who wants to live a safe, risk-free life?

You are given choices everyday, you will have doors open for you and opportunities knocking. Will you listen to your heart and jump in? or will you play it safe and wait for a better day? The choice is yours.

Dan Hodge


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