Pulling the trigger

How many ideas have you had but never followed through? How many times have you told yourself you’re going to get healthy by eating better and exercising, but you fail to jump in head first?

It’s time to pull the trigger.. Whatever it is, whatever you are thinking about right now as your heart beats a little faster, pull the trigger and pursue it relentlessly. Put aside your reservations and your fears and choose to be brave. We get one opportunity to live this life and if we aren’t jumping in and pursuing our dreams or living the best life we can, what’s the point?!

Whether it’s a career decision or just a life decision write it down and put action towards achieving it. Stop excuses getting in the way, rather give yourself time to think anything is possible. If we spend more time living life without barriers, many of those barriers actually start disappearing. ‘what you think about, you bring about’ – Bob Proctor

Lastly, whatever it is you have decided to take action towards, find yourself an accountability partner that will support you on your journey and continue to challenge you to reach new heights.

Dan Hodge


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