You don’t have to get it right, all the time.

I work with people everyday dealing with exercise and nutrition programs. I cannot stress enough how many people get so worked up over trying to be perfect. They get so stressed out if they have something that they see as unhealthy and they live their lives trying to fit in with the social expectations of what healthy looks like.

Even as a professional in the health industry it can be overwhelming the amount of contradicting information out there. It is so hard to find a definitive answer as to that to do to achieve your health and fitness goals. My thoughts on this is to put aside all the latest and greatest fads and look at it simply. If we as a population ate less and less processed foods and ate more natural, whole foods I believe we would be much healthier. Yes, we are going to want to have pizza night, yes we are going to want to have beers while watching the footy. This is life. What we don’t need is to have any unhealthy food or day skipped of exercise hanging over our heads as the difference between success and failure.

If we can stress less and just aim to improve our health without the stress of being perfect, I believe we will start achieving our results and living healthier lives.

Dan Hodge


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