Take the time to find peace

We are so busy, we have conformed to the ‘rules’ society has set for us. We fill any spare minute available in our lives with anything we can. We call our downtime watching tv and on Facebook and instagram. What have we become??!!

I’ll admit, I find it hard not to get on to Facebook and instagram before I even get out of bed in the morning!! This has become ridiculous, just being honest. We are always waiting and anticipating our next notification.

So let’s fix this, let’s set some parameters that allow us to use modern technology and maintain old school peace and satisfaction. What I am starting with is no social media/emails/messages in the bedroom. This means morning and night, I have a sacred place and time that my mind can be at peace and uninterrupted. Further to that I have decided to set my alarm 15mins earlier to start my day with 10mins of meditation and 5 mins of simple gratitude and journalling.

The next step I have taken is to set 3 alarms during the day to take 1 minute of deep breathing. It’s amazing how much better life looks with some deep breathes!

It doesn’t take much, don’t over complicate it and don’t set the standard too high that you can’t achieve it. But please, take the time to find peace in your life. If you can find peace in the pockets of your time, you’ll learn to carry peace wherever you go.

Dan Hodge


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