Winning with the basics

Everything in life has core fundamental basic principles that build and make up what ever it is.

Take a look at the below examples

Strength training – Squats, Deadlifts, Pushups, Pull Ups

Yes we can try to get technical and yes we can improve our results by adding more, but even just by doing these basic exercises we will build a solid well rounded foundation.

Health – Drink more water, eat more vegetables, eat less sugar

We are forever trying to find the perfect diet to give us the results we desire. Starting off with the above principles will drastically change your physical health.

Money – spend less than you earn

Pretty simple formula for basic financial success, it’s not the be all and end all but I’m sure a lot of us would be in a better financial position if we followed that simple rule.

Whatever it is you are wanting to improve in your life, look at the basics and start there. If you get the basics right you build yourself a good foundation to build upon. Once that foundation is built you’ll find you can multiply your success easily with further improvements.

Dan Hodge


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