Don’t write anything off without doing the research

It has been too often that I have written things off without even looking into them. I have just made a decision based on opinions I’ve heard or just what I’ve thought. 

I have so often been surprised that something I once wrote off because of someone else’s opinion is in fact amazing. It’s no different to making a judgement on a movie, based on what a friend thought. How often have you enjoyed a movie your friends haven’t? 

Whatever the journey you are on in this life, make your own decisions. Look into things yourself and decide for yourself. Don’t look back years later wishing you had’ve acted otherwise. You also have so much more credit when you have looked into something and made an intelligent decision rather than just chasing a fad or just writing something off.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t always listen to what people say. Make up your own mind.

Dan Hodge 


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