Sleep your way to success!

For those of you wanting to maximise daily output and get as much done as you can, sleep can often be something that gets neglected and more or less becomes a chore.

Stating the obvious, we need our sleep. No amount of caffeine, energy drinks or vitamins will make up for consistent lack of sleep. The cheapest way to maximise your energy output and be consistent in giving your 100% is getting a good nights sleep.

Understandably everyone is different and can cope with different hours of sleep, you need to stick to what works for you. Also, keep in mind it’s not just getting the hours of sleep that is necessary, consider the quality of your sleep. If you’re restless during the night see below a list of tips you could try to get a good nights sleep.

  • Apple Cider Sleep Remedy
  • Temperature control – I tend to run air conditioning most nights to maintain a good temperateure
  • Yoga/Stretching/Meditation – nothing like winding down and relaxing your mind and body before bed
  • Limit screen time (TV/Phone/Ipad) before bed

Sleep your way to success and a live a life with a higher daily output!

Dan Hodge





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