IPA – Income Producing Activity

Let’s discuss a goal you are working towards achieving, whether that be for work, personal or a dream you are wanting to achieve. The easiest thing I find to do towards achieving this goal is to plan and ponder and discuss and do anything but REAL ACTION steps. Action is needed if you want to achieve your goals! Let’s call this IPA ‘Income Producing Activity’. If you want to actually achieve your goals and dreams you need to get to it and do your IPA. Yes planning helps and will help refine what you do and allow you to work smarter rather than harder. But what most people struggle with the most is pulling the trigger and doing their IPA.

You can’t make money from planning, you can’t make money from thinking, you can’t make money from writing lists. You make money from Income Producing Activity. A little tip too, if you are wanting massive change in your life, you need massive action!!! Which needs to include plenty of set time for IPA.

Dan Hodge


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