A winners game – positivity

It’s amazing how many negatives thoughts we can have during a day. With each negative thought and comment we quickly head into a negative state of mind and lose confidence in ourselves and our ability. These negatives need to be combated with positive thoughts and affirmations. If we build a positive mind and learn to live in a beautiful state, we walk a different walk. We start to play a different game, we play a winners game.

We can’t wait for circumstances to change before we change our attitude. Rather we need to ‘become’ first and the ‘fruit’ will follow. For so long I wanted to have success without first being success, we need to stand back and understand to have success we need to embody it first.

Coming back to positivity, I believe it is vital to have if you are wanting success in anything. Whether that be in relationships, sport, business or parenting, on the flip side, the easiest way to destroy something is with a negative attitude and belief system. In the world we live in positivity doesn’t just surround us, we need to choose and fight to see it in the world around us.

Dan Hodge


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