People are your biggest asset

I heard an analogy today which I loved! It more or less said that we need to treat every person we meet as if they are standing at the top of a well you have fallen into. They are there to help you, your only hope of living.

It can be so easy to write people off and prejudge people before we’ve even met them. I have been super guilty of not even giving people the time of day. There are many different reasons why we may not get to know people, they may be older/younger, they may appear intimidating, they may seem to be different in any which way. Often though, it’s easy to be self indulged and we simply don’t care to build new relationships.

If you start to change the way you see people and start to see them as assets to your life and believe everyone can help you, you will start to see the world change around you. You will build quality relationships you never thought you could, you’ll impact peoples lives and you’ll start to see that you’re blessed beyond measure.

We need to stop blindly pursuing our own course and realise that this life is about helping those around us and letting them help us. It’s what makes the world go round.

Dan Hodge


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