Multi-tasking vs. Batching

I have spent my life trying to do everything all at once. I hop, skip and jump all over the place. I look really busy, but in reality don’t get a lot done. Even when I do get a lot done, it is often not my best job and I can often miss dotting the I’s. This may not be the case for everyone, especially the women out there. All jokes aside, I have personally found moving to a batching method has been a much more effective use of my time. What I mean by batching specifically is setting aside the time to do specific tasks and move on to the next task once I have completed the task at hand. I found this to be a more effective use of my time and can get more done in the long run.

You have to have a look at what works best for you and stick to your method. Just make sure you step back every now and again to see how you can be more effective.

Dan Hodge


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