Stick to your guns – don’t give up!

We put a plan in place, we think it through, do hours of research and believe that this is it. We are onto something here! First day comes and we get a set back, something we didn’t see coming. Say goodbye to the first round of drop offs that run scared and start doubting everything they ever new. But the others stick in there, jump through the first few hurdles and ride the speed bumps. But after a few too many months of this, we decide to give up and move on as we talk ourselves into a ‘better’ idea. Little do we know, breakthrough is only around the corner. Think of the penny that doubles every day for a month. At day 20 you’d have $5,242.88, if you gave up then you’d be missing out on the $5,368,709.12  from day 30.

It pays to stay in the game. Stick to your guns and don’t give up! 

Dan Hodge


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