The power of health

The power of your health should never be underestimated. With good health and energy you can have clarity and focus. You have more to give to your business/job, you have more to give to your family. When our physical health is good it helps boosts our mental health also, which is also vital to success in life.

Key factors towards improving your health.

  • Sleep – sleep is sooo important, our bodies need sleep to replenish our hormones and repair and restore our body’s systems. i.e. central nervous system, helping boost your immune system.
  • Nutrition – don’t over complicate this. Eat less processed food and more whole foods. Reduce sugar and bad fats and limit alcohol.
  • Exercise – this is so important! What I love about exercise more than the physical health benefits is the mental health benefits. It is such a great tool to change your physiology and get the most out of each day.

If you can work towards improving those three areas of health you will be on your way to good health, which in return will give you good and consistent performance day to day. You’ll certainly start to notice a wholistic improvement in your life.

Dan Hodge


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