Evening routines

I’ve always been an advocate of starting the day well and putting routines in place to ensure a good start to the day. It has only been recently though that I have seen the importance on an evening routine.

The end of a day looks different to each person, but we can all take the time to set up the next day for success and wind down to ensure we get a good sleep. My routines have changed over time and have all worked well, what matters though is that you have the routine in place. Some ideas of what this could include are the following.

  • Stretching/Yoga – This is fantastic after a long day and prepares your body to relax, rest and recover.
  • Journaling – I generally answer a few questions each night, which are following
    3 amazing things that happened today?
    How could I have made today better?
  • Planning the following day – I always try to have the next day organised in advanced, I like to briefly go over what I have on the next day to mentally prepare. I find I am more relaxed because there is a sense of security of being organised.
  • Reading – Fiction is recommended as it provides you with a great opportunity to disengage and switch off. I find fiction hard to read and generally just stick to a non-fiction book around a topic I’m interested in.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey – I did a previous post regarding this. Works wonders for a good night sleep. – https://danhodgeblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/29/sleep-remedy/

Put together something that works for you, it may be simply meditating for 2-5 mins before bed. Whatever it is, a little evening routine will help you wind down from your day and put you in good shape to take on another.

Dan Hodge


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