Make a commitment and get it done..

I made a solid commitment coming into this year to write a blog every day, 48 days in I have done just that. I say this not to elevate myself, rather to make a point of solid commitment. Most of our commitments these days are wishy washy. We want something but we aren’t willing to pay the price. Whatever you are going to commit to, know what the price is and be willing to accept it. You need to follow through whatever the cost.

The other thing you need to do is look at why you are making this commitment. Is it really important to you? Why? Once we know why it is important we can use that to help commit when we feel like giving up.

The best thing about making commitments, especially behavioural commitments is that they become habits. If you commit to exercising every day, you will find it hard no doubt. But as time goes by you’ll build a habit, and that internal fight becomes an easy win. Remember this in the early stages of your commitment. The habit will come.

Dan Hodge


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