Where’s your head at? 

When you’re looking at big decisions and life changes, don’t just jump in and do it, please. Take your time, seek counsel you trust and assess where you’re at. If you’re in a place of hardship and turmoil it may not be the time to make these decisions. Seeking the advice of a trusted friend or a professional can help you through the process.

Get an idea though of where your head is at, know what patterns you commonly fall prey too. Have a good look and see if this is just a recurring pattern of giving up because it’s hard, etc, and be honest with yourself. With change also comes excitement and you need to do your best to put it aside to see if it really is the best decision.

Once you make your decision, stand by it and give it everything you’ve got. Expect hardship, so you are prepared to tackle it.

Dan Hodge


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