Learning from looking back

It’s easy to have done something and wish you had done otherwise. You can tell yourself you didn’t know any better, but is that really true? 

Every day we make decisions and we achieve positive and/or negative results. Most of these decisions and results we take no notice of, write them off as fete. What if we started looking back though at the micro? What if we were to do a post match analysis after each day and learn more about ourselves? We could see where we went wrong and why, and implement a different game plan. We can target those weaknesses before they even hit us, we can maximise our strengths and start putting together a winning strategy for everyday. 

What is it that is important to you? Your health, your family, your business? If you take the time to journal and pay attention to your thoughts, responses and actions in your day, you can start to put together winning strategies for the days to come. It’ll be a continual refining process, but you’ll start seeing more wins in those areas that are so important to you. 

Dan Hodge


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