Be the one to go first

I have given up waiting for others to initiate. I have decided to be the one to go first. I will leave this entirely open to your interpretation. However, I would at least like to give you some examples of how you can join me in going first.

We encounter different people on a daily basis and have the opportunity to relate and make an impact. Too often we have our blinkers on and are too self obsessed to even ask how someone’s day is going. Take a step back and get to know the people around you better or make conversation with random people on a bus or in que. Life wasn’t meant to be lonely and shallow. 

Generosity is another avenue we can learn to go first. If you’re out for coffee with a friend, be the one to cover the bill. Don’t sit back and wait to see what happens. Learn to look for ways to be generous and lead with it, as opposed to paying it back. 

Take the chance to impact people’s lives and increase the fulfilment found in relationships and in the lives of those around you. 

Dan Hodge


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