6am, there is no time like it

I know we’re not all morning people and I’m not a believer in one size fits all. However, you cannot deny how amazing the early morning is.

You rise and can hear the birds, there is a certain stillness and a knowing that those up this early are off to the gym or getting a head start on busy day or taking the time to reflect and journal about life events. There is something magical about the early morning. Regardless of if you believe you’re a morning person or not, I believe early mornings shouldn’t be missed. It doesn’t have to be every day, but try on a regular basis to enjoy the peace and tranquility that the early morning brings.

My thoughts on what an early morning should look like includes some of but not necessarily all of the following.

  • exercise – regardless of intensity or duration
  • mindfulness – it may be journalling, meditation, recording dreams, prayer
  • life – accept life and carry gratitude

Don’t overcomplicate things. Wake up early, get in a good physiological state, plan to win, appreciate life and it’s success’.

Dan Hodge


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