You can’t get more time but you can make your time count

We have all said ‘I just don’t have time’ or ‘I wish I had more time’. As we know though, more time isn’t a possibility. But what we can do, is use our time better and make our time count.

Here are some hacks for a few area’s that I hope are relevant to you. 

If you’re like me and wanting to read more but finding it hard, try listening to audiobooks. This is a great opportunity to learn and better yourself instead of listening to the radio. They are quite cheap and easy to get through. Even double this up with Podcasts to have some diversity in what you listen to.
 There are many reasons people don’t exercise and lack of time is one them. As important as it is, it is often pushed aside because our lives have become so full. What I find great to stay in routine is to commit to a 5-10min run around the block or a quick body weight or kettle bell workout at home. Further to that, during the day I make decisions to park a little further away and choose the stairs over escalators. These micro workouts are proven to have a great impact on your health. 

The last point I want to discuss is to be present. Whatever you are doing, be there and give it your all. It’s so easy these days to be distracted especially with our phones. Put your phone down and stay on task. You’ll notice a huge increase of quality in both your work and your relationships if you can be present. 

‘Time is what we want most, but what we use worst’ – William Penn

Dan Hodge


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