Turn up the heat

If you had to tell me what intensity you play life at what would it be?

Are you just letting life happen, taking each day as it comes? Or are you living in anticipation of the moments to come? Taking on every challenge that comes your way? Are you jumping head first into challenges, knowing regardless of success or failure you’ll grow?

We are all created uniquely and the intensity we play life at can be depicted in many ways. Don’t look sideways and compare yourself to others, you have to march to the beat of your own drum. You have to play your game. You have your own path and journey to take.

What I am saying though is when you’re walking through the pastures of life, run. Build momentum and attack the hills about to come. Let’s not settle for ordinary, let’s not just be satisfied with accepting life as it is. Turn up the heat and play at 100%. Yes, play. Learn to play and enjoy this thing called life. We only get one shot.

Turn up the heat. Live it up.

Dan Hodge


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