Sustainability vs Competitive Burnout

This is for those that are driven to achieve and find themselves going full steam ahead only to find weeks/months down the track you burn yourself out. Looking back you see a lot of ups and downs but no real drastic progress.

If you were to harness that energy into a sustainable attack, you’ll realise just how much effective it can be for the long game. Going at say 90% allows you to enjoy the ride, stick out the ride longer and allows for better strategic adaptability.

This can be applied anywhere in your life. Start looking at the long game for areas like finances, investments, health, career etc. Once you set the pace learn to gradually pick up the pace and know your limits. We can all identify with the runners that sprint out of the line in long distance runs, only to see them exhausted in minutes. 

Slow and steady, wins the race.

Dan Hodge


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