Why, Why, Why

The why, why, why test.

I challenge you to start applying ‘why, why, why’ to the goals you’ve set for yourself, for who you think you are, for where you want to go and who you want to become.

Asking yourself ‘why, why, why’ allows you to really see what’s going on underneath and when you start to see that, you get to see what you really want. This allows you to achieve your goals without lying to yourself or being ignorant to what is going on under the surface.

To give you an example of what I mean would look like the following.

Example Goal

Run a million dollar company

Why – because I want to make lots of money

Why – because I want to buy a nice house, car, go on holidays

Why – because I want to feel important and noticed

This is obviously just a made up scenario but it shows you that for this example the real goal was to feel important and to be noticed. Dealing with that issue of being important would then possibly completely change the Goal or even more importantly it would change the motivation behind the goal.

Give it a go… ask yourself why, why, why!


Dan Hodge


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