Find your Focus

Finding your focus is imperative if you are serious about making an impact.

We are bombarded with distractions these days and it is more important then ever to batch time to deal with these distractions (emails, facebook, messages, etc). All these distractions pull you away from the task at hand and reduce your productivity dramatically.

We’re not always firing 100% and ‘feeling it’. That’s human. That’s great, I’ll tell you why. Everyone else struggles to pour focused energy into becoming the best. Knowing this means all you have to do to be the best and get a foot up on others is to know how to attain and retain your focus.

The best thing you can do is something ‘physical’, as it will change your state of mind the fastest. That might mean a hot/cold shower, jump on the trampoline, for me I go for a 5-7 min run around the block. When I get back my mind is sharp and firing. Find what works for you.

This comes back to listening to your body and remaining in touch with yourself to know how to optimize your performance.

Dan Hodge


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