Assessing your Energy

So much of what we can get done and the quality we can get things done comes back to your health and the energy you can apply daily.

Make an assessment in your life around some factors that effect your energy. See below a list of things to consider if your energy isn’t quite up to scratch.

Are you doing regular exercise? I don’t need to back up how important exercise is for overall health, this is an undisputed fact. Just make sure though for some of you that you’re not over training. Listen to your body.

8 hrs sleep. Are you getting enough sleep? Some people may be able to function on less sleep. True. But getting adequate sleep is so important for energy, for recovery, for hormonal replenishment and the list goes on.
Sufficient Calories (nutritious Calories). What does your nutritional intake look like? I’m not saying it has to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be all weighed, measured, tracked, organic etc.. But are you paying attention to what is going in your body? Use your common sense. Are you getting a balance of good fats, carbohydrates, protein? Are you getting a good serve of vegetables in? Are you eating more unprocessed than processed foods? Are you eating enough, or too much?
What does your caffeine intake look like? Addicted to coffee? Need that Red Bull? I love caffeine, but don’t let your body become dependent on it. Aim to have some caffeine free days and try to reduce your intake where possible. Too much caffeine can lead to your adrenal glands overworking which in result will effect your energy levels through adrenal fatigue.
Alcohol. The elephant in the room, maybe? I’m a sucker for a glass of red wine with dinner. You’ll need to make a personal assessment, but having a few alcohol free days a week will definitely help you. Also watch those weekend binge nights. Often you can undo all the hard work you’ve put in during the week all in one night.
These are just a few things that if taken into consideration on a daily basis you’ll be rewarded with better energy. As individuals everybody is different but follow the basics and you’ll be giving yourself a good foundation to work from.
Now go make today count. Give it all you’ve got.
Dan Hodge

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