Feed time

In my teens I remember reading the book ‘you are what you eat’. I was fascinated by how important our nutrition is to the body and how the body would tell us something is wrong through pains and obvious symptoms. 

This is also true for what we allow our minds to feed on, it is just as important to be aware. If we are feeding on negativity, too much tv, social media, people who bring us down, there are consequences. It may come at the cost of not being present with your family, not excelling at work and all of these results often start a downward spiral of more and more issues.

So the challenge isn’t to turn your world upside down and start a new diet for the mind. But let’s look at some small changes like less tv or maybe listening to audiobooks in your car. As you know, ‘you only get out what you put in’ Nutri Grain advertisement.

Dan Hodge


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