Sleeping your way to success

I am a firm believer in sleep. I believe no one has an excuse for the lack of it (maybe mums with newborns, but you get my point) we all need to take that time to rest, recover, recharge before we attack!

‘The better we are at recovering, the greater potential we have to endure and perform under stress’ Josh Waitzkin – The Art of Learning

The above quote sums my point up – rest, recover and do what you have to to recharge and perform under stress. Without the ability to perform under stress we don’t stretch, if we don’t stretch we don’t achieve our potential.

Everyone is different, we all need our own ‘escape’. It may be golf, it may be a fiction novel, meditation or as simple as getting a good nights sleep to handle what we face on a daily basis. Through trial and error find what works for you, to continue your ability to function at a higher level.

Sleep to acheive.


Dan Hodge


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